Zoo York



We welcome our newest Aussie rider for Zoo York. Chase Jaeger.

Rider bio:

Name: Chase Jaeger

Age: 23

Where did you grow up:
Vert X , Bankstown - hahaha which is in western Sydney. Now I live in Coolangatta on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Board size:

Favourite skate park:
Tugun skatepark.

How many days a week do you skate?:
5 days a week I guess, it depends on work.

Best trick you have ever seen go down in person:
Shane Cross - back nose blunt at Pizzy bowl. It was during the Thrasher contest.

Go to trick, a trick you cant do and a trick you would never be caught doing:
It all depends what I'm skating. Flat ground kickies to warm up, I can't do regular tre flips, which is a curse. Laser flips or late shuv I'm not a big fan of.

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